There’s a better way to provide SEL!

Naturally integrate this culturally sensitive SEL with training & materials to enable school therapists & staff to provide expert support for every child — in both the therapy room and classroom.

Skills for Connection. Tools for Success.

Join the 6-week online cohort empowering therapists and SEL providers.
With weekly 1-hour classes, learn to incorporate cognitive SEL RTI constructs in your sessions and train your teachers to integrate the skills into existing classroom lessons.
Plus – see those same skills support your staff as they navigate challenging classroom dynamics.
Watch it change their lives and yours.

Hi, I’m Miriam Campbell, MA SLP-CCC, MSW.

I’ve spent 14+ years as a teacher, speech therapist, and social worker.

With each hat I wore, the same issue came up again and again.

The most essential skills – effective core skills to support the kids in real life – were falling through the cracks.
The kids were suffering.
Our kids need to be properly trained in Social Emotional Learning. They need these skills for their proper development as kids, and then as adults.

Therapists are trained in SEL delivery, but they don’t have enough time with each child to make a real difference.

Teachers have ample time to influence students, but most of them aren’t trained to deliver SEL. If they are, they rarely have TIME or energy to do so.

Wasn’t there a better way?

Honestly, there wasn’t.

Every lead led to a dead end.

I found SEL programs.

I found therapeutic techniques.

But no approach supported students from therapy sessions to classroom lessons to real life.

So I created that elusive better way.
I began to develop a curriculum that was easily integratable.

I distilled the work I was doing in my 1:1 sessions with kids into a structured method that both teachers and therapists could incorporate into their every interaction with the students. My goal was to create a consistent model that would prove efficient and effective in both therapy sessions and the classroom.

Skills for Connection is the culmination of those years of work.
I train therapists to do two things:
properly teach SEL during their sessions
train teachers to easily incorporate these constructs into what they’re already teaching.
By default, the teachers personally develop the SEL skills they’re teaching, enabling them to deal with challenging classroom behavior.

It’s a win-win-win.

Miriam Campbell, MA SLP-CCC, MSW

Miriam Campbell, MA SLP-CCC, MSW

Learn how to Integrate SEL naturally

Therapist training

6 Training Sessions

WhatsApp Group Support

Schoolwide Access to Materials


professional development teacher training

Pick a topic to train your teachers how to EASILY integrate Social-Emotional development into their existing curriculums.


Get 1:1 Consulting

parent cohorts

Parents learn the same methods to support their kid’s Social Emotional Development as therapists and teachers.

6 Sessions

WhatsApp Support


School Packages

Choose Your Training Package

Starter Standard Schoolwide
  • 10 minute consultation


  • 6 Week Lead Therapist Training Cohort


  • WhatsApp Support Group for Duration of Cohort


  • Schoolwide Access Construct Worksheets*


  • 20 minute consultation


  • 6 Week Lead Therapist Training Cohort


  • WhatsApp Support Group for Duration of Cohort


  • Schoolwide Construct Worksheets* 


  • One 50-minute 1:1 Coaching Session 


  • Two 50-minute Staff Training Sessions for School Personnel* for up to 13 staff members


  • 20 minute consultation
  • 6 Week Lead Therapist Training Cohort


  • WhatsApp Support Group for 1 Year
  • Schoolwide Construct Worksheets 


  • Two 50-minute 1:1 Coaching Session 


  • Six 50-minute Staff Training Sessions for School Personnel* for up to 13 staff members


*add $100 for each additional staff members


*add $100 for each additional staff members


Independent Services


For a short video demonstration how to develop schoolwide SEL RTI, click HERE.





Session 1
  • Self Awareness, 
  • Flexible Thinking, 
  • Prerequisite Skills for:
  • Body Language, 
  • Emotional ID, 
  • Perspective Taking,
  • Communication Skills
Session 2
  1. Body Language
  2. Emotional ID
  • Self Awareness, 
  • Communication Skills, 
  • Perspective Taking, 
  • Reading Others, 
  • Empathy
Session 3

Self & Other

  1. Gathering Information
  2. Perspective Taking
  • Reading Others, 
  • Perspective Taking, 
  • Communication Skills, 
  • Validation
  • Emotional Regulation, 
  • Respect, 
  • Consequence,
  • Self Awareness
Session 4

Problem Solving

  1. Sequencing
  2. Cause and Effect
  3. Brainstorming
  4. Problem Solving
  • Address Anxiety, 
  • Identify Locus of Control, Understand Environment, Process Trauma, 
  • Growth Mindset, 
  • Flexible Thinking, 
  • Consequences, 
  • Validation, 
  • Organization, 
  • Responsibility, 
  • Problem Solving
Session 5

Emotional Regulation

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Somatic Self Healing
  • Emotional Education, 
  • Increase Overall Safety, 
  • Trauma Informed, 
  • Mindfulness, 
  • ADHD Empowerment, 
  • Somatic Support
Session 6

Behavior Modification

  1. Social Stories (Drama)


Conversation Skills

  1. Main Idea Web
  2. Main Idea with WH
  3. Conversation Chain
  • Problem Solving,
  • Language Scripts,
  • Perspective Taking


  • Topic Maintenance
  • Paragraph Building
  • Association
  • Perspective Taking


Social Skills Support
  • For a Curriculum Outline, email


Bubble Double: visualizing social skills for connection



The only training of its kind


Improve Parent-School Collaboration


We’re all on the same page when it comes to our kids’ benefit, right?


Unfortunately, not always.


We train therapists to give over the SEL RTI methodology to parents and teachers, resulting in a results-driven, cohesive team.


Plus, everyone involved gains from these skills.

Image: Animated parent-teacher-therapist triangle with child in the middle
Image: Animated curriculums meshing

Integrate with Existing Classroom Curricula


Schools have so much on their academic agenda.


Which teacher has extra time or emotional energy to teach an additional curriculum, even one as integral to a child’s development as SEL? They’re already expressing burnout.


Our trainings bridge the gap between the two priorities, with SEL constructs that fit seamlessly into traditional classroom curricula at every grade level.

Deliver with Confidence


Learn the proven methodology and gain from tried & true materials and full client support.


Our trainings have helped therapists at all stages of career —  both veterans and beginners.


We provide everything you need for successful SEL delivery – the trainings, the materials, and the support.


Other reasons therapists love this training


Fully Adaptable

Appropriate for every child in every community

Tangibly Concrete

Focuses on relevant examples & actionable constructs

Globally Accessible

100% virtual, with trainings that can be joined from anywhere

Educational Team-building

Sustainable school-wide team approach

Who We Serve



School Counselors Principals Occupational Therapists
Speech-Language Pathologists Social Workers SEL Coordinators
School Therapists Teachers Parents

Skills for Connection Schools

Skills for Connection Schools

Skills for Connection Schools

Skills for Connection Schools

Skills for Connection Schools

Skills for Connection Schools

It’s tried & true


“Even my lowest functioning student is able to grasp the concept.”


It’s a shame I didn’t see this a year ago. 

My students this past year faced numerous social-emotional challenges, and these tools would have helped them so much.

Now that I have the skills, I can use them with my upcoming class.

What I love most about the training is that even my lowest functioning student will be able to grasp the concepts!


— Zissi Ringel, {insert title}, {insert credentials}

“You don’t need a separate curriculum to teach these key skills.”


My job as a therapist is to arm my students with communication skills, emotional awareness and regulation, and sensitivity training. When you try to teach these fundamentals as a separate curriculum, you’ve already lost – because who has time for “extracurricular activities”?


Miriam figured out what we’ve all been waiting for: how to seamlessly integrate these constructs into the existing classroom curriculum. With Skills for Connection, you don’t need a separate curriculum to teach these key skills to the kids.

— Ahuva Maimon, LCSW, CASAC

“The training is motivating and engaging, and Miriam provides specialized support for trainees.”


 I would highly recommend this program. Miriam is energetic and responsible. The training is motivating and engaging and Miriam provides specialized support for trainees.

— Esti Robinson, SLP, Baltimore City Public Schools

“This program opened proper lines of communication everywhere.”

My teachers feel more comfortable admitting when they need help because the culture that the program sets is one of growth across all roles. 

-D New, Preschool Director


Still wondering if this training is right for you?



  • Is this financially worth it for me?

It depends on your current situation. Do you feel you are being effective in your current role? Do you feel your students are acquiring the social and emotional skills they’ll need for life? 


If the answer to either of the above questions is “no”, the value this training will bring you is likely a worthy investment.

  • Can I be a proper counselor even without taking this course?

You definitely can be!

There are many excellent books, blog posts, and colleagues who’ve been-there-done-that to assist you in your journey. 


We created this training to make your job easier and to help you confidently deliver.

Everything you need, all in one place.

  • Are you CASEL certified?


By choosing not to go the CASEL certification route, we ensure that all curricula and materials remain culturally sensitive and integratable for students in every school, regardless of social and political beliefs.

  • Do you offer any credits for this course?

Yes! CMH credits are available for SLPs who participate in the cohort.

*CMH credits can be transferred to CEU credits after submission to ASHA.

Want to see more?


Email Me