Bubble Double

 Get a Social Skills Framework to Support Children with Skills for Connection.

Visual. Fun. Rhyming. Easy to Read.

Learn the fundamentals of Social Skills with CHECK, MATCH, & STICK

 Finally, a social skills book that focuses on building connection from a perspective of positive & playful empowerment!

A visual supportive container for all the Social Skills concepts.


Empower children with the HOW and WHY of Social Skills.

  • Teach your child while YOU learn the basics!
  • Realistic Examples
  • Engaging Illustrations

conceptualize connection.

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Use Bubble Double as a Social Skills curriculum.

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Loved the Conversations it Fostered

The kids and I had so much fun reading it together. It opened the door for a really great conversation. Thank you! 😊

Kids loved this book and I loved the conversations it fostered 💕💕

Kids Love it

Hey we just got the book and are reading it for the 3rd time! Kids age 8 5 and 3 love it!

Exactly what I was looking for!

It’s EXACTLY what I was looking for! It’s a concept I’ve been struggling to find visuals for and now I can use this for about a third of my caseload.


we read it a few times it’s such a cute book! Love the whole concept … so original! Great job!

My Bubble Space

Our preschool got for all the teachers… My daughter just said to me “I need bubble space!” 😂😂

Great Concept and Written So Clearly

just wanted to let you know how much I love your book!! It’s a great concept and written so clearly. I enjoyed reading it to my kids a couple times and plan to read it a few more times with one of my kids, who I think can gain some more awareness from it beH. Thank you!

I'm using your book in therapy today

Our bubbles!!! I’m using your book in therapy today. I think it’s brilliant and I’m not just saying that. I love how concrete it is

Concepts Kids Relate to!

We love the book !!!!!!! Great concepts so well explained for kids to relate to !!!

Hi, I’m Miriam Campbell, MA SLP-CCC, MSW.

I’ve spent 14+ years as a teacher, speech therapist, and social worker.

With each hat I wore, the same issue came up again and again.

The most essential skills – effective core skills to support the kids in real life – were falling through the cracks.
The kids were suffering.
Our kids need to be properly trained in Social-Emotional Learning. They need these skills for their proper development as kids, and then as adults.

Therapists are trained in SEL delivery, but they don’t have enough time with each child to make a real difference.

Teachers have ample time to influence students, but most of them aren’t trained to deliver SEL. If they are, they rarely have TIME or energy to do so.

Parents dealing with intense behaviors, often felt overwhelmed and did not have clarity how to best support their dear child.

Wasn’t there a better way?

I found SEL programs.

I found therapeutic techniques.

But no approach supported students from therapy sessions to classroom lessons to real life.

So I created that elusive better way.
I began to develop a curriculum that parents, teachers and therapists could easily integrate!

I distilled the work I was doing in my 1:1 sessions with kids into a structured method (Skill Constructs) that teachers, parents and therapists could incorporate into their every interaction with the students. My goal was to create a consistent model that would prove efficient and effective in both therapy sessions and the classroom.

Skills for Connection is the culmination of those years of work.
I train therapists to teach SEL during their sessions. 
I train teachers to easily incorporate these constructs into what they’re already teaching.I train parents how to carry over these skills into home life!

By default, the child’s role models personally develop the SEL skills they’re teaching, enabling them to deal with challenging classroom behavior.

It’s a win-win-win.

This will work really well for visual learners and help many.

Thank you Miriam, Was super interesting and I love this Bubble Double- bubble imagery.  Think will work really well for visual learners and help many. I’d love to be in touch with what you do. Many thanks again.

Anick Anick Landau Ezer Ba. MSc.

Speech and Language Therapist & Communication Pathologist

I love it!

Thanks so much for hosting the zoom meeting. I just came across your book and I love it. I cannot wait to share it with my students. 

Jenni Melchert, MS, CCC-SLP

I'm excited to use your book with my K-5 students!

I just watched the video this morning. I’m excited to use your book with my K-5 students!

Take care,

Beth S.

Visual Based

Tap into visual support to support cognitive and language skills necessary for conversation, problem solving and socialization.



Problem Solving,


Locus of Control, Process Trauma, 

Growth Mindset, 

Flexible Thinking, 




Emotional Regulation:

Emotional Education, 

Increase Overall Safety, 

Trauma Informed, 


ADHD Empowerment, 

Somatic Support

Behavior Modification:

Problem Solving,

Language Scripts,

Perspective Taking

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