There’s a better way to provide SEL!

Naturally integrate this culturally sensitive SEL with training & materials to enable school therapists & staff to provide expert support for every child — in both the therapy room and classroom.

Skills for Connection. Tools for Success.

Join the 6-week online cohort empowering therapists and SEL providers.

With weekly 1-hour classes, learn to incorporate cognitive SEL RTI constructs in your sessions and train your teachers to integrate the skills into existing classroom lessons. 

Plus – see those same skills support your staff as they navigate challenging classroom dynamics.

Watch it change their lives and yours.

Hi, I’m Miriam Campbell, MA SLP-CCC, MSW.

I’ve spent 14+ years as a teacher, speech therapist, and social worker.

With each hat I wore, the same issue came up again and again.

The most essential skills – effective core skills to support the kids in real life – were falling through the cracks. 

The kids were suffering.

Our kids need to be properly trained in Social Emotional Learning. They need these skills for their proper development as kids, and then as adults.

Therapists are trained in SEL delivery, but they don’t have enough time with each child to make a real difference.

Teachers have ample time to influence students, but most of them aren’t trained to deliver SEL. If they are, they rarely have TIME or energy to do so.

Wasn’t there a better way?

Honestly, there wasn’t. 

Every lead led to a dead end.

I found SEL programs. 

I found therapeutic techniques. 

But no approach supported students from therapy sessions to classroom lessons to real life.

So I created that elusive better way.

I began to develop a curriculum that was easily integratable.

I distilled the work I was doing in my 1:1 sessions with kids into a structured method that both teachers and therapists could incorporate into their every interaction with the students. My goal was to create a consistent model that would prove efficient and effective in both therapy sessions and the classroom.

Skills for Connection is the culmination of those years of work.

I train therapists to do two things:

  • properly teach SEL during their sessions 
  • train teachers to easily incorporate these constructs into what they’re already teaching.

By default, the teachers personally develop the SEL skills they’re teaching, enabling them to deal with challenging classroom behavior.

It’s a win-win-win. 

Join the 600+ school therapists who chose a better way.